Hero FALL, an "accidental" game.

Hi, AP from Pixelent Games here (A 1-man company).

So, as the title says, I want to explain why HERO FALL is an "accidental" game. For more than a year now, I've been working on what it will be my first game ever (if you don't count this one), it's an ARPG called "HERO STAFF", which I've been developing on my  free time to make it right, and I  can say now that the game is practically complete.

So, I was in the middle of testing bugs and correcting them when I heard about the IGMC 2018 contest, and I said "Why not? Maybe it helps me so people can discover the game I've been working on for so long, or maybe a new idea can come up from it, which I could later expand into a new thing based on the same "universe"".

So I stopped my beta testing and started working on what would become HERO FALL, using only a few assets from HERO STAFF (mostly blocks, a coin, a door, key, some enemies, etc), and went straight to the mechanics. You see, this game was made in RPG Maker MV so a 2d platform wasn't exactly a good idea UNLESS you could script it, which I can't, so I had to implement some "pseudo 2d movement" to make the game looks as if it had gravity without looking too silly. I think I completed the whole game in less than 3 weeks? I was originally going to add 30 levels but I thought 27 was more than enough (even though it's not for a complete game, and I'm not sure it'll take  you more than 1 hour to beat the game, which can be a bad thing for the IGMC). The last thing I implemented was the Overworld, a major factor for making the game that short was time,  I could've expanded the game into a lot of things, such a big overworld, plot, etc, etc, but I wouldn't be sure if after that, I'd have the time to start working on fine-tuning everything down.

So as I said, this game and the original HERO STAFF (coming soon) was made using RPG Maker MV, my original plan was to finish HERO STAFF and after releasing it, moving to the Unity engine to see if I can expand my development skills, but since the IGMC 2018 got in the way, I'll stay a little longer with that engine!

Of course, if by mere chance something good happens with HERO FALL, I'll see my options and see what's the best thing to do about a possible full game, I already have a bunch of ideas of things that can happen (100 levels, anyone?), but in the meantime, I just consider this game as a IGMC entry, I hope everybody enjoys it.

PS Don't get frustrated, every level is beatable, and check my HERO STAFF Development treat in the RPG Maker forum, if you are into Fairune, Zelda and Dragon Warrior, you'll love HERO STAFF!



Pixelent Games 


Nov 13, 2018

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